“Your crew did an OUTSTANDING job, they worked well together, they cleaned up very well afterward, they did little touches, they had to cut down some “tree stuff” and there was a birdhouse my husband had built 6 years ago, they put it on a stump and put it in the ground, that was so thoughtful, although they didn’t realize the significance of it. Also I had some animal figurines, and they strategically placed them through the flower bed. FABULOUS WORK.”

Mrs. Pennington

“Matt Clemson / MC Lawn Care has worked for my mother in Frederick Maryland since 2004. What began with mowing services progressed over the years to mowing, trimming, lawn care, edging, planting, mulching weeding, clearing, trimming and snow removal. In September 2014 my mother suffered a debilitating stroke at 85 and the home was ultimately sold a year later. During that period, Matt kept up the services for us, and the quality of the landscaping was a key component in the sale. It was a huge relief knowing the exterior was taken care of during this vacancy, and that we were dealing with such an honest, affordable and reputable company. Anything I needed done in the past year, one email to Matt took care of it right away. MC Lawn Care enabled my mother to remain in her home for many years beyond what she could have otherwise, and was a godsend during the period leading up to sale.”

Katie Carlo

“We switched our landscaping maintenance contractor for this season to MC Lawn Care and are extremely pleased with Matt’s attention to detail and service. We look forward to working with this professional young man for many years to come and would recommend him to anyone in need of landscaping services!”

Claudia & Charlie / Walkersville Self Storage Plus

“I first contacted Matt Clemson in 2008 when I lived near Baker Park, and the yard and its flowerbeds sorely needed his weekly thorough maintenance and professional care. I continue to use MC Lawn Care, LLC at my new home in Dearbought, and the entire yard is thriving because of Matt’s careful and deliberate efforts as well as his horticultural background. (Even my neighbors have expressed their appreciate for the yard’s excellent appearance!) I strongly recommend MC Lawn Care, LLC, and I commend Matt and his employees for their professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent customer service.”

R. Steele Michael

“Matt has cared for my yard for three years. He is very dependable and always does an excellent job. Matt has all the necessary equipment to perform the greatest lawn care service out there.”

Florence Dimmick

“Matt was recommended to me by a friend. he has been doing lawn care services for me for two years. I have found him to be hardworking, dependable and anxious to do a good job.”

Joan Nolan

“M.C. Lawn Care was the only company that was willing to embark upon our landscape mess. After a few weeks of hard work Matt and his employee’s turned our landscaping mess into the envy of the neighborhood. I would recommend M.C. Lawn Care to anyone.”

Margaret Lucas