“Matt Clemson / MC Lawn Care has worked for my mother in Frederick Maryland since 2004. What began with mowing services progressed over the years to mowing, trimming, lawn care, edging, planting, mulching weeding, clearing, trimming and snow removal. In September 2014 my mother suffered a debilitating stroke at 85 and the home was ultimately sold a year later. During that period, Matt kept up the services for us, and the quality of the landscaping was a key component in the sale. It was a huge relief knowing the exterior was taken care of during this vacancy, and that we were dealing with such an honest, affordable and reputable company. Anything I needed done in the past year, one email to Matt took care of it right away. MC Lawn Care enabled my mother to remain in her home for many years beyond what she could have otherwise, and was a godsend during the period leading up to sale.”

Katie Carlo
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